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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

VCA is like a helping hand from the government. It’s an interest-free loan offered by an organization called SFAC (Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium) to eligible businesses.


Struggling to launch your agricultural business due to a funding gap? Venture Capital Assistance (VCA) from SFAC can be your lifesaver! This program offers interest-free loans to bridge the gap between your existing funds and the total project cost, specifically for businesses in agriculture and allied sectors like dairy or poultry. Think of it as a financial boost to get your agricultural dream off the ground without the burden of interest payments.


  • Farmers
  • Producer Groups
  • Partnership/Proprietary Firms
  • Self Help Groups
  • Companies
  • Agripreneurs
  • Units In Agriexport Zones
  • Agriculture Graduates Individually Or In Groups For Setting Up Agribusiness Projects.
Eligibilty Criteria


The rate of interest charged for msme loans can vary anywhere upto 6.5%.
No, there is only a collateral-free loan provision under this scheme. This does not include any subsidy.
The payment term of 1 Year, 3 Years,5 Years, 7 Years depending on the amount of loan being sanctioned.
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