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Agriculture Business Loan

Agriculture Business Loan

Abtik Group Of Companies provides complete consultancy services to boost your business growth. Our objective is to transform the Indian startup ecosystem through a wide range of services. We aim to spread awareness about government schemes that support startup development. With comprehensive solutions, we help your business take flight and thrive in the startup arena.


Unleash the power of the National Agriculture Infra Financing Facility Scheme, igniting the development of vital primary processing infrastructures and postharvest management facilities. Experience the magic of cost-effectiveness and feasibility as you embark on your agricultural journey. With this remarkable scheme, you can access loans of up to INR 2 Crore, accompanied by a generous interest rate subsidy of 3% per year. Prepare to witness your agricultural dreams take root and flourish like never before.


  • Agri-Entrepreneur, Start-Up Agricultural Produce Market Committee
  • Local Body sponsored Public-Private Partnership Project
  • Marketing Cooperative Society Central Sponsored
  • Public-Private Partnership Project
  • Multipurpose Cooperative Society Farmer
  • National Federations of Cooperatives
  • Farmer Producers Organization
  • Primary Agricultural Credit Society
  • Federation of Farmer Producer Organisations
  • Self Help Groups, Federations of Self- Help Groups
  • Joint Liability Groups
  • State Agencies, State Federations of Cooperatives, and State-sponsored Public-Private Partnershi Projects
Eligibilty Criteria


  • Loan credit guarantee provided.
  • Interest subvention unleashed!
  • Offering project preparation and
    handholding support.
  • Capping the lending rate.
  • Multiple lenders onboard.

We Help in

  • Complete Guidance
  • Assistance in PreparingDetailed Project Report and Financial Model


Various stakeholders such as start-ups, agri-entrepreneurs, farmers, Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC), Farmer Producers Organization (FPO), and others are eligible to apply for the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund scheme. For further information, reach out to Abtik Services.
Primary Processing (Sorting Grading, cleaning, Drying Packaging, Storage) of Agriculture products like (Cereals & Millets, Fruits and Vegetables, Spices, cotton, Tea, coffee, Oilseeds, pulses, Sugarcane, Coconut, Jute, Nuts, Herbal, Medicinal Plant and Aromatic Crops.
If any client is involved in the production of agriculture equipment (Tractor, Rotavator, Cultivator) then it is not eligible, but if the client rents the minimum 5 equipment (Tractor, Rotavator, Cultivator) to farmers then it will be eligible.
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